Our Mission

Birthway Co. was "conceived" in 2017 and exists because making, carrying, birthing, and raising babies can sometimes be hard work albeit rewarding and joyful. We believe that when women support other women through this time, it lightens the load and gives birth to strong, confident mothers. We are dedicated to helping growing families make informed choices, empowering them to turn their preferences into a reality, and making them feel respected and cared for along the way.

Kami Schwartz is a wife of two years, mom to a one-year-old and a DONA trained Doula. She has been passionate about labor and birth since she was in high school and loves supporting women and families as they navigate this life changing process. 

I’m so thankful that I had Kami as my doula... She was so calm during my labor... I felt very supported and valued.
— Tina Gay, first time mom

Jayde Wilkinson is a wife and mother with a heart for supporting women as they transition into motherhood. Like many women, she found a passion for birth work within her own birth experience which led her to a career as a birth and postpartum doula. Through education and unconditional support, Jayde's goal is to help create positive birth experiences for her clients.

Jayde is currently offering doula services at a discounted rate as part of her training for clients due in Summer/Fall 2018. Please email us to find out more.