Our Fertility Awareness Course is based off of Toni Weschler's best selling book Taking Charge of Your Fertility and covers the following topics: 

  1. Tracking basal body temperature
  2. Recording cervical fluid
  3. Charting cervical changes
  4. Understanding your cycle
  5. Practicing the fertility awareness method for birth control (if desired)
  6. Using the fertility awareness method to maximize your chances of getting pregnant (if desired)
  7. Charting to understand your gynecological health

This course lasts approximately 1-2 hours and takes place according to your schedule. In addition to taking the course, you will also receive unlimited phone/email support as you learn to chart your cycle. This course can be taught one-on-one or you may invite your friends for a discounted per person rate. Call or email us today for further questions or to schedule a course.

$35 for a one-on-one course or $25/person for a group.