The Videography Package

The Videography Package includes everything in the Full Package described below plus video documentation of your birth story by Raina Jo Film. Raina will be on call for you starting at 37 weeks and will accompany you and your doula in active labor and will stay through the immediate postpartum period. She will capture the beauty of your labor and delivery and create a 5-10 minute video synopsis of your baby’s birth. She will provide a personalized flash drive of the video for you to keep forever.

$1200 ($1400 value)

The full package

The full package includes everything in the prenatal and postpartum package as well as 24/7 on call support starting two weeks before your due date and continuous, in-person support throughout your entire active labor and delivery of your baby. Whether you're planning a homebirth with a midwife present, a medicated birth at the hospital, a cesarean, or anything in between, your doula knows your wishes and seeks to help you achieve the birth you desire. Throughout labor, your doula can help you physically and emotionally and provide information should an unexpected situation arise. She will help you breathe and relax during contractions, set up your birthing environment the way you have envisioned, massage your back, suggest different positions to encourage progress, empower your partner to help you cope, and quite literally, walk with you throughout the entire process. Optional amateur photography when possible is also included.


The prenatal package

The prenatal package includes unlimited phone support throughout pregnancy and two in-home meetings with you and your partner lasting 90-120 minutes each. These meetings typically take place between the 32nd and 36th week of pregnancy. Your doula will discuss the many different choices you will make throughout labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period and the benefits and risks of each. Furthermore, she will help you practice pain management techniques teaching both you and your partner ways to cope with contractions and encourage progress throughout labor. Finally, your doula will discuss exercises and other options to prepare the mind and body for birth in the last few months of pregnancy. 


the postpartum package

The postpartum package includes one two-hour in-home visit about a week after your baby is born and unlimited phone support the first six weeks of your baby's life. Your doula will do her best to answer any breastfeeding and newborn questions you may have and she will take ample time to listen to you process your labor and delivery. She may also provide herbal postpartum bath herbs and can do light housework if desired.


Please call or email us to check our calendar with your due date, to view payment plans, or to schedule a free, no-obligation interview with a doula to find out more.